Star Dolphin Gallery - Goddess, Priestess, Lightworker Realm

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1 Light Worker 12 Gaia 24 Light Priestess 36 Visions of Star Dolphin
Celebrating our very own Sanctuary
of the Divine.
11”x14”, 5”x 7” and 20”x 24”
Celebrating the Divine Feminine
11”x 14”, 5”x 7” and 18”x 24”
Celebrating the magic of myth and legend.
11”x14”. 18”x 24” and greeting card
Celebrating the transformational journey
of our life.
11”x 14” and greeting card
39 Atlantian Priestess 40 Temple Interlude 51 The Fifth Element Love 58 Divine Partnership: Energy of Creation 
Celebrating our talents, the gems of our
inner temple.
Celebrates the magic and mystical energy
of ceremony.
11”x 14”
Celebrating that of all there is; Earth,
Wind, Fire and Water... “Love” is, all
there is.
11”x 14”, 5”x 7” and greeting card

Celebrating the divine union and expression of the masculine and feminine.
11"x14"and greeting card

Healing of the Inner Child Healing of the Inner Child Quan Yin
71 The Initiation and Ascension
of Planet Earth
74 Lemurian Awakening 77 Embrace of the Goddess 82 Quan Yin: Compassionate Divine Feminine
Celebrating the Sacred Journey that humanity shares with its planet, Earth.
11"x 14", 5"x 7"
Celebrating humanity's remembering and awakening to its ancient past and star borne heritage
11"x 14", 5"x 7"
Celebrating the Cosmic Divine Feminine
11"x 14", 5"x 7"
This image celebrates the Compassionate and caring aspect of the Divine
5"x7" and 11"x14"

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